Accelerating Innovation in Education through Technology

Event Details
  • December 6th, Thursday, 3:30pm - 4:30pm
  • Governor
Aakash Gagan Sethi

Aakash Gagan Sethi

Executive Director Quest Alliance

Session Description

Technology has radically changed the ways in which education is imparted today. This has a major bearing in the rural sector in India where there is dearth of teachers, and facilitators. From aiding students to learn from more informative and interactive modes of learning, to empowering teachers to use innovative instructional methods, more reliable outcome measurement tools, to guiding students to self-learn with the help of technology, Edu-tech in India is impacting the educational outcomes of students in a huge way.

In this session the speakers will discuss the need for investing in Edu-tech, the challenges in implementing it, and how can Edu-tech lead to preparing the students for the future jobs.

Key Takeaways:

  1. How is digitisation changing the delivery of education and learning outcomes and what are some of the challenges in implementing EdTech?
  2. Importance and need for preparing students for technology based education delivery
  3. Can technology help close the emerging skills and jobs gap?


AVPN India Summit 2018 Recap

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