Prakash Rao

About Prakash Rao
  • Aspirational District Fellow
  • Dantewada

A student of Communication and Journalism, I have always had a strong penchant to study about media, marketing, culture, community, human behaviours, politics and social dynamics. I began my journalistic career with a keen eye for investigative journalism but gradually got drawn towards development sector and applied for Gandhi Fellowship. During my course, I was an enabler and was given the responsibility to bring improvement in SLO (students learning outcomes) in government schools.

I also contributed in developing five smart schools and one smart village in Churu district of Rajasthan. In my previous profile, I was handling marketing and communication for the entire West zone (India) for Piramal Foundation. The job required meticulous research, public speaking, writing and proofreading and art of communication to convey complex ideas clearly.

I believe my skill-set and experience will be effective to work on many social challenges in the district and also can collaborate with co-fellows and other stack holder to drive the change story. I see myself as social entrepreneur-problem-solver, in next 4 years from now.

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