Aditya Natraj

About Aditya Natraj
  • Founder and Director
  • Kaivalya Education Foundation (KEF)

Aditya Natraj is the founder and director of Kaivalya Education Foundation (KEF), a Piramal Initiative. KEF is change management organistion that supports leadership development of State leaders, District leaders and School leaders to effect change. KEF works with 1300 school leaders, 450 district leaders and 1200 state leaders across 10 states to effect systemic change. KEF also runs the Gandhi Fellowship programme – a 2 year full-time programme to train young people in leading social change. Previously
Aditya was Director of Pratham in Gujrat for 5 years, Vice-President of Business Development at ProXchange for 2 years and a Consultant at KPMG for 5 years. Aditya is a qualified Chartered Accountant, a Masters in Economics and has an MBA from INSEAD. Aditya is an Ashoka Fellow, an Echoing Green Fellow and an Aspen India Fellow. Aditya was awarded the Times Now Amazing Indian award in the Education category.

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